Dear Students!

Welcome to our new BMedSci/Intercalated degree home page! I hope that you will find it helpful.

I am the BMedSci Programme Director. I have overall responsibility for this degree course but there are many other people who contribute to the success of this course.

The Sheffield Intercalated Degree prospectus is unique with its strong focus on a research-focussed intercalated BMedSci. At other universities, similar intercalated degrees are often taught courses only with limited or no opportunities to undertake research yourself. However, please do have a look at our own, University of Sheffield Intercalated Masters Degree programs as well. These Master Degree courses have a much stronger taught element but typically include time for a research project as well.We are sometimes asked whether it would be better for your future career to undertake a BMedSci or a Masters degree. In my view, it would make more sense for you to undertake a research degree but I appreciate that this boils down to personal preferences as well. Rest assured, though – any intercalated degree will look excellent on your CV! A Masters degree certainly doesn’t “count more” than a BMedSci and may be less tailored to your particular needs as a medical student.

Any BMedSci will be hard work and a challenge but that’s exactly how it should be. It is a wonderful window of opportunity for you to broaden your horizon. At the end of it, you will have a much better understanding how research works. You will have also picked up important transferrable skills – ranging from literature search and statistics to better time management, team work and working independently. Any BMedSci degree will add useful points for future job applications. Many of you will then be fortunate enough to add additional points by becoming co-author on scientific manuscripts or presenting your findings at national or international conferences.

I appreciate that some of you may struggle to undertake a BMedSci because of the financial implications. We are doing our best to support students. Please note that there are also special, sometimes quite generous bursaries available for particular projects.

I very much hope to see many of you undertaking an intercalated degree at our University.

Best wishes

Professor Oliver Bandmann

BMedSci Programme Director