The BMedSci is an incredible opportunity to gain experience in a research environment, either Clinical Research, Lab/Bench Projects, research in Medical Humanities or qualititative Research. Past students have found that having the BMedSci has opened up more opportunites to them, whilst improving various transferable skills.

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  • Academic Skills gained
  • Transferable skills gained
  • Career Benefits

Academic skills gained:

  • Design a research project in accordance with appropriate research methodologies and ethical principles
  • Exercise independent judgment and critical thinking
  • Apply basic statistical methods to data evaluation and interpretation
  • Present work orally and in writing to an academic audience
  • Where your own project requires it, carry out practical experiments and tasks in a laboratory setting in accordance with health and safety guidelines
  • Produce a well-structured and substantial dissertation to present the results of their research project
  • Conduct an extensive literature review using relevant sources

Transferable Skills gained

  • Apply good time-management skills to structure their work and meet deadlines
  • Effectively use a wide range of IT packages for a variety of tasks
  • Work independently on a project
  • Display good written and oral communication skills
  • Understand and apply basic statistical methodsSelf-direct your learning

Career Benefits

Student do an intercalated year for many reasons:

  • To spend a year doing a high quality research project
  • To improve their CV
  • To take the first step in a career in academic medicine
  • To gain a better knowledge of one medical speciality
  • To work closely with leading and internationally renown research academics and consultant staff
  • To gain skills in oral presentations, poster writing and writing for publications.
  • Chance to present papers and posters at major international conferences and to get work published.
  • Extra points on your MTAs application process, depending on your classification.

Win a Prize

There are two BMedSci prizes available at the end of the year. The BMedSci Examination Board will make the recommendations as to the award of the prizes

School of Medicine Intercalated BMedSci Prize

The prize will be award to the best performing student in the Intercalated BMedSci, based on the overall final mark: including the ethics and statistics assignment marks.
Value of prize: £50

The Academy of Medical Sciences Prize

This prize was made available from funds given by the Academy of Medical Sciences INSPIRE award to encourage medical students to follow careers in academic medicine. It is to be awarded to the student receiving the highest mark for the final piece of project work (in this instance to the dissertation) submitted for the degree.
Value of the prize: £100.

Attend a conference 

Past BMedSci students have had the opportunity to go to different conferences both in the UK and abroad, including British sarcoma conference, College of Emergency Medicine's Annual Conference, Twickenham, European Network for the Cure of ALS Conference, International conference on children's bone health in Rotterdam, Royal College of Psychiatry International Congress in Edinburgh

Find our more about their experiences here.

Publish a paper

At the end of every BMedSci, each student presents a poster to other academics in the Medical school.

Some students have even had their own papers published, or contributed to a paper. View examples of these.