Where our graduates go

More than 70% of our (400) graduates from the past nine years have remained in contact with us and have given us information about their careers.

The great majority of MSc MolMed graduates go into careers that start out in laboratory science. The latest year for which we have substantial data at present is the class of 2012-2013.

Overall, 36% of our graduates (that is more than half the students for whom we have information) have entered PhD programmes, some after periods working in science.
The diagrams below illustrate how students have entered further education and employment.

The first of the diagrams below show some of the major paths taken by students.

Since the PhD option has been the most popular, the second diagram illustrates the rate at which all of our graduates have taken up PhD places.

The third diagram deals specifically with overseas students (from outside the EU) who have formed the majority of our students. Overseas students who choose to do PhD programmes may receive local grant funding from the country in which they do their PhD (for instance, an Indian student might obtain a PhD position in Austria, funded by the Austrian government). This is usually obtained in competition with all applicants. Overseas students can also be funded from their country of origin, either privately or by government or institutional grants.

Destination General

Destination All PhD

Destination Overseas