Course Structure and Module Leaders

Core Modules

From Genome to Gene Function (MED6092) - 15 credits Dr Martin Nicklin
Human Gene Bioinformatics (MED6095) - 15 credits Dr Martin Nicklin
Research Literature Review (MED6090) - 15 credits Dr Lisa Parker
Human Disease Genetics (MED6003) - 10 credits Dr Franco di Giovine
Modulating Immunity (MED6006) - 10 credits Dr Helen Marriott
Laboratory Practice and Stats (MED6098) - 15 credits Dr Gareth Richards, Dr Phil Watson (Stats)

Pathway Modules

Genetic Mechanisms Pathway

Modelling Protein Interactions (MED6070) - 15 credits Professor Jon Sayers
Gene Networks, Models and Functions (MED6071) - 15 credits Dr Martin Nicklin

Cardiovascular Pathway

Vascular Cell Biology (CDL401) - 15 credits Dr Heather Wilson
Vascular Disease: Models and Clinical Practice (CDL402) - 15 credits Dr Vikki Ridger

Experimental Medicine Pathway

Molecular and Cellular Basis of Diseases (MED6020) - 10 credits Dr Helen Marriott
Model Systems in Medical Research (MED6021) - 10 credits Dr Lynne Prince
Novel Therapies (MED6022) - 10 credits Professor Jon Sayers

Cancer Pathway

The Molecular Basis of Tumorigenesis and Metastasis (MED6040) - 10 credits Dr Chryso Kanthou
Molecular Techniques in Cancer Research (MED6041) - 10 credits Dr Cyril Sanders
Molecular Approaches to Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment (MED6042) - 10 credits Dr Penny Ottewell

Microbes and Infection Pathway

Virulence Mechanisms of Viruses and Fungi (MED6060) - 10 credits Dr Helen Marriott
Mechanisms of Bacterial Pathogenicity (MED6061) - 10 credits Dr Jon Shaw
Characterisation of Bacterial Virulence (MED6062) - 10 credits Dr Mark Thomas

Clinical Applications Pathway

Core modules and Microbes and Infection pathway as above - 110 credits
Seminar Presentation (MED6083) - 10 credits
Clinical Project (MED6084) or Clinical Observation (MED6081) - 60 credits

Project Presentation

(MED6023/MED6042/MED6053/MED6063/MED6073) - 10 credits

Research Project

(MED6024/MED6044/MED6054/MED6064/MED6074) - 60 credits