Information for Project Supervisors

The Project Presentation module will be contained within the Project module and the Research Literature Review Module will now be a critical review of the field forming the basis of the project. Project Supervisors will now become Research Literature Review supervisors as well.

Key dates

Students will be asked to investigate their projects on four dates from the end of October to early December. They will then arrange to discuss with potential supervisors to discuss further. Students submit their project choices on the first Monday in December and allocations are made during this week.

Students submit a full draft of the literature review on a date in mid-January directly to their supervisor. Students meet supervisors to discuss literature review between on a date towards the end of January.  The Course Administrator will provide you with the schedules.  Students submit the final literature review in early February.

Project module starts towards the end of March.

Project Presentation preparation starts in early May.  Project Presentations will be held during mid-May.  The Course Administrator will provide full details.

Please note the dates of the viva voce examinations - further details are in the Course Handbook

Supervision of the Project presentation and Supervision of the Research project

Health & Safety

Holidays for students

The course does not follow the standard University semesters and holidays calendar.  There is no break during the University Easter holiday.

In addition to a scheduled holiday during the winter vacation, students are also entitled to a break totalling 10 working days during the Research Project period.  To avoid disruption of the project, students must have the agreement of their project supervisor for the specific days they wish to take off work.  Please refer to the Course Handbook for more details.

Practical Training for the Project

Training in basic experimental techniques and health & safety in laboratories will be provided in the "Practical Laboratory Training" module in January. Students will need to pass this module in order to be allowed to start practical work on their laboratory projects. Students who have not obtained a pass mark at the Training module in January will need further training and this will reduce the time available for their projects.

Marking of the dissertation

Guidelines for keeping a laboratory notebook (lab book)

The dissertation will be marked by two members of academic staff (not the supervisor) and, in some cases, a third member of staff.

Some students may be examined in a viva voce (oral) examination by an internal and external examiner before their mark is finalised.