MSc Molecular Medicine student outcomes and destinations

Survey of Student Outcomes and Destinations, classes of 2016 and 2017


As course leader, I've been maintaining contact with students who have passed through the course since 2005 and we have a good idea of the destinations of about 70% of more than 600 students.

Since 2005 we have recruited from 55 countries.

The world has been changing all the time, so as an illustration of the short-term outcomes for current students, I have surveyed the 80 graduates from the 2016 and 2017 intakes.

Years 2016+17, Intake was 84

50 female and 34 male students

49 were from EU, 41 from the UK.  The other EU students were from Estonia (2), Portugal (2), Italy, Spain, Greece and Poland.

The 35 non-EU students were from Saudi Arabia (6), Mexico (5), Nigeria (3), India (3), Kenya (2) and individual students from 11 other countries.  Six of these students represented first recruits from those countries.

Years 2016+17, 80 students graduated

Four dropped out (2 UK, 2 non-EU) without completing the course.

No contact or information from 2 Home/EU and 6 non-EU.

Of the 72 graduates who are currently in touch, they self-report that:

  • 25 graduates are involved in practical science as research assistants, technicians or technical managers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology or academic sectors.
  • 21 graduates are currently working towards PhD degrees.
  • 2 graduates have entered or continued medical training.
  • 1 graduate is teaching science in a tertiary college.
  • 1 student is in administration in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • 1 student is a scientific civil servant (Manager in Genomics England).
  • 1 is a technical transfer consultant.
  • 1 is an IT consultant.
  • 1 is an exercise physiologist.
  • 1 is a freelance science tutor.
  • 4 graduates have moved into unrelated occupations, two in adminstration, two in retail.

Martin Nicklin (Course Leader), July 2019

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