Residential weekends

Students at the Residential weekend in Sheffield

Our residential weekends occur on two occasions throughout the three years of the course and begin with an introductory residential weekend when the course starts. They are a great opportunity for our students to get together face to face, to meet up and share experiences from all over the world and hear presentations from each other, so learning from each other's expertise and the different challenges our professions face world wide. We bring in clinicians and researchers as well as leading technologists from all over to give presentations and workshops on various aspects of the course, so that you are not entirely learning from distance.

Our residential weekends may include a personal discussion with your personal tutor and also time away from all of your tutors, just with your fellow students, to relax after lectures or group work and enjoy your stay. Residential weekends are held in Sheffield at the beginning of Module 1 (Year 1) and at the beginning of Module 3 (Year 2). Residential weekend learning is supported by virtual tutorials at the start of modules that don't coincide with a residential weekend.


There are two residential weekends in total. Please see 'Key Dates' for further information.

We are exploring the possibility of using technology to allow some students with mitigating circumstances to attend the Year 2 residential weekend virtually.  Should you wish to discuss this please contact the department.

For the Low Vision module it is compulsory to attend the Introductory Day which will be held in Sheffield.  There may be an option for virtual attendance via Skype for this Introductory Day.  Please contact the department to discuss this.  Please note that the Low Vision clinical examination can only be taken in Sheffield.


Our residential weekends are currently taking place in the city of Sheffield, very close to the train station for those of you travelling from further afield.

What's included?

A three course Saturday evening meal, accommodation and breakfast, as well as refreshments are included in the cost of the course.

Additional costs to consider that are not included in the cost of the course are travel to and from Sheffield for the residential weekends and Low Vision clinical examination, along with any additional accommodation the student may wish to book themselves.

Our city

Should you want to venture further afield the Sheffield City centre is a very short walk away, with restaurants, theatres, cinemas, shows and attractions. Our residential weekends start on a Saturday morning and finish on a Sunday afternoon, so you may even wish to extend your stay to explore the beautiful Peak district.

Sheffield city centre- peace gardens sheffield city centre - winter gardens sheffield city hall