Laura Besson

Physician Associates Administrator

email :

Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care
Samuel Fox House
Northern General Hospital
Herries Road
S5 7AU
Tel: 0114 222 2203 (UK)
Fax: 0114 226 9936


Laura joined the AUPMC in 2002 as a receptionsist before quickly being appointed to Secretary in the Primary Medical Care teaching office. Her previous experience includes two years in an aministrative role with a training consultants. She was awarded an NVQ Level 2 in Business Administration and regularly updates her skills by in-house training.

Administrative Duties

Laura is responsible for the preparation of teaching materials for the Community-based module of the MB ChB curriculum (Phases 3a and 3b) and liaises with the Teaching Administrator to prepare course information which is sent to both students and Practices. She is also responsible for booking sufficient teaching rooms and is the first point of contact for hand-ins of course evaluation, student assessment and assignments.