The Sheffield Biorepository

Designated Technicians for Liquid Nitrogen Storage

Sample storage and access requests are carried out by four designated technicians from the departments of IICD and O&M.

Jess Willis and Jon Kilby provide assistance from Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Diseases. Support from Oncology and Metabolism is provided by Svetlana Solovieva and Richard Allen.

The service is managed by Steve Haynes.

For further information please see the main Liquid Nitrogen storage service page, or contact a member of the team for assistance at

Profiles of the Designated Technicians

Jon Kilby

Jon Kilby (IICD)

After spending his early twenties as a designer for household interiors Jon changed career direction to utilise his technical ability in health care science. Entering the NHS as a microbiology technician he studied in Chester for a degree in health care science, prior to starting as an IICD research technician during 2012. Continuing his studies alongside a busy work schedule Jon graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science from Sheffield Hallam University in 2015. His work in IICD involves various aspects of cell culture maintenance, performing molecular biology techniques and carrying out RP-HPLC analysis. He is involved with arranging practical class demonstrations for Medical students and has recently gained accreditation via the IST as a Registered Science Technician.

Jess Willis

Jessica Willis (IICD)

Jess joined the Medical School in 2015 after previous work providing technical support to secondary school students at Barnsley College. She graduated from our university in 2014 with a degree from the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department. Currently she works in a variety of labs and for different research areas as a trainee technician in IICD.

Eva Wild (O&M)

Svetlana Solovieva

Svetlana Solovieva (O&M)

Svetlana studied at Lobachevsky University obtaining a Biological Sciences MSc in 1991. Coming to Sheffield University at the turn of the century she first worked in Firth Court for Peter Horton’s lab as a research technician. Here she performed a range of general laboratory maintenance duties, as well as, assisting with plant biochemistry related research experiments. Recently she transferred to the Medical School to begin working at the Institute for Cancer Studies. Now she employs her general laboratory skills performing cytology related assays and more specialised techniques for the molecular imaging of DNA damage associated proteins. Recently she has moved into a core technical role supporting the overall laboratory functions of the Cancer Clinical Trails Unit by administering databases, handing waste disposal and overseeing quality standards.

Jessica Medcalf (O&M)

Ben Durham (IICD)