Our research is focussed on understanding the mechanisms of physiological and pathological immune responses. We study these immune mechanisms in a range of organs, relevant to human disease, including the skin, lung, kidney, the gastro-intestinal and the vascular systems.

DNA strand

Researchers in this research theme:

Sheffield Dermatology Research

Sheffield Dermatology Research comprises clinical and non-clinical staff with an interest in inflammatory skin disorders including atopic eczema (dermatitis), psoriasis, alopecia areata and vitiligo.

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Kidney Research in Sheffield dates back to the 1960s with Dr Margaret Platts as the first Reader in Nephrology in 1965 and Mr John Williams (Consultant Urologist) who performed the first kidney transplant in 1968.

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Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.