Medical School Process for Ethical Review of Non-NHS Projects

In line with the University Research Ethics Policy the Medical School has produced its own Ethics Review Process which applies to all student and staff projects involving human participants, data and tissue but not the NHS.

This process requires project proposals to be reviewed by nominated Research Ethics Reviewers. If these reviewers cannot decide whether or not a project should be approved, the Research Ethics Panel can be convened. Dr Liz Williams is currently Chair of this Panel.

Further information, including how to submit a project proposal for review via the online system, can be accessed via the links on the right-hand side of this page. 

The Medical School also has Research Ethics Advisors and Administrators who act as the first point of contact for queries. Members of the School Research Ethics Review Panel can also be contacted for advice. Their details are available in the contacts section via the right hand link.

[Page Updated: 02 Nov 2017]