Information for Medical School Research Ethics Review Applicants

Application Process

Lead project investigators, postgraduate student supervisors and undergraduate course tutors are responsible for deciding whether a project requires ethical review and which process applies (i.e. the NHS route or the Medical School route). They should consult the University Research Ethics Policy and seek advice from the Research Ethics Advisors, the Research Ethics Administrators or any of the Research Ethics Review Panel Members to make an informed decision.

With effect from 1 August 2014, applicants must submit an application via the online system (see "Online Application Form" on the right-hand menu). Applicants can access the system with their usual University log-in details.

When completing the online application form, in response to the question "Does your application need reviewing by a Department that is not your home Department?" please answer Yes and select The Medical School.

Applicants need to upload supporting documents as appropriate e.g:

  • Any information sheets, covering letters, written scripts etc. which you propose to use to inform prospective participants about the proposed research;
  • Any consent forms and/or;
  • Any other documentation to support your application.

Help sheets to support the application process are accessible via the right-hand menu. 

Should you require any assistance using the system please contact Lindsay Unwin (Research & Innovation Services,

Staff and postgraduate researcher projects will receive 3 reviews and undergraduate student and taught postgraduate research projects will receive 2 (1 of which can be from the Supervisor). 


Applicants should expect to receive feedback from the reviewers within 10 working days. Please note that during holiday periods this may be longer.

Applicants may receive the following feedback:

  • Application is approved
  • Application is approved with suggested (optional) amendments
  • Application is not approved and is subject to certain (compulsory) requirements
  • Face-to-face meeting between reviewers and applicant requested
  • Application is not approved (applicant can appeal or can choose to amend the project)
  • Application is referred to the Medical School Research Ethics Review Panel

In the event of a contentious decision, applicants may appeal to the Medical School Research Ethics Review Panel. If a decision made by this Panel is contested, the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) can be consulted.

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