School Research Ethics Review Process - Student Project Information

The School Research Ethics Policy applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate research that does not involve the NHS. Supervisors and course leaders are responsible for the ethical conduct of their studentsĀ“ research.

Applications for ethical approval of student research should be submitted on the School Research Ethics Application form. Wherever posible the student should complete their own application forms with advice from their supervisor. The Research Ethics Administrator will send correspondence to both the student and their supervisor.

Applications from postgraduate researchers will require comments from three School Ethics Reviewers. Applications for approval of undergraduate and taught postgraduate research projects will require approval by two School Ethics Reviewers, one of which can be the student's supervisor. Information about the School Research Ethics Review Application Process is available via the right hand link.

Generic Approval

Supervisors and Course Leaders can apply for `Generic ApprovalĀ“ for groups of similar projects where appropriate. These applications require review by the School Research Ethics Review Panel. Please allow extra time as this is a longer process. Generic project approvals PDF.

Informing Students

The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) has produced a guidance fact sheet for students. They are keen that all students receive it, together with a link to this School Research Ethics and Governance website. The University Research Ethics Committee have produced fact sheet for supervisors (Word document).

UREC will make sure that postgraduate research students recieve the information. School efforts should be concentrated on informing those involved in undergraduate and taught postgraduate research.