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What it's like to study Engineering MEng/BEng at Sheffield

The future of engineering education

If you're passionate about engineering and want to succeed in an increasingly interdisciplinary industry, Engineering MEng/BEng will equip you with a broad-based engineering education, as well as the professional and technical agility needed to excel.

"We produce graduates who create and inspire. As well as expert knowledge and skills, our interdisciplinary courses equip students with the intellectual agility and cultural adaptability that comes from working across subject boundaries."

Prof Harm Askes, Head of Interdisciplinary Engineering

This unique four-year undergraduate degree offers the opportunity to study an exciting variety of subjects. You'll experience the breadth of engineering for the first two years, before you'll choose which of the 11 disciplines you'd like to specialise in for the remainder of the course.

You'll study a problem and project-based, creative and collaborative curriculum, taught by outstanding teachers and world-leading researchers. You'll be challenged and stimulated throughout, and you'll gain the professional skills of team-work, communication, presenting and management that are so valuable to today's employers.

About: Interdisciplinary Engineering

Aerospace Engineering, Bioengineering, General Engineering, and the Science and Engineering Foundation Year (SEFY) are all delivered by an academic teaching unit - Interdisciplinary Engineering.

Like our name suggests, we value interdisciplinary learning.  We are different to other departments within the Faculty of Engineering. This difference is also our strength; delivering an expert roster of teaching academics from across the Faculty from departments including Mechanical Engineering, Electronic and Electrical Engineering and Automatic Controls and Systems Engineering.

If you have a query about the course, or anything else, please contact Interdisciplinary Engineering - we'd be very happy to assist you.