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Our five General Engineering courses are specifically designed to give students a strong base knowledge of key engineering disciplines from across our seven departments.

The interdisciplinary nature of the degree means that you will be taught a range of transferable technical and professional skills. 

By purposefully delaying your specialism to the latter part of your degree (years 3 & 4), you will have given the time and creative space to learn about your key interests, preferred subject areas, understand how this relates to your chosen career path, and be able to explain to employers your rounded knowledge. By the time you specialise, you will be confident in knowing that you have an understanding of how the different engineering disciplines work together.  

This course prepares you for a career where you will apply your creative problem-solving skills and your understanding of engineering principles to the real world, while working in multidisciplinary teams and understanding other professionals. These transferable skills can be applied to many sectors, from engineering to project management.

Industry voices

Learn how those from within the engineering industry value the interdisciplinary nature of MEng Engineering

Mahdieh Ghoddusi"National instruments works with engineers and scientists from a wide variety of industries to solve engineering grand challenges. As a technology company, our products are used by a diverse range of customers to implement measurement and control solutions.

When hiring engineering graduates, we look for skills and knowledge that show graduates can work across disciplines and are able to break down Engineering problems in order to suggest viable solutions. The MEng Engineering programme at Sheffield provides a solid engineering core in many subject areas as well as the team working and project management skills that companies such as ours are looking for."

Mahdieh Ghoddusi, Engineering Leadership Programme Manager, National Instruments

Jon Stewart"Primetal Technologies is a technology integrator, providing complete plant solutions to the metals industries. We're typical of many project-based engineering businesses, serving a wide range of sectors. Firms like ours actively seek a multi-disciplinary engineering background when recruiting. We also look for people who take naturally to teamwork, because successful project delivery depends heavily on co-operation and the seamless combining of skills. If you're interested in a career of this kind then a broadly-based degree like Sheffield's MEng Engineering is going to be a big advantage."

Jon Stewart, Director, Primetals Technologies Ltd

Steve Franklin"Within Royal Philips, which is in the business of health technology, effective innovation requires a strongly interdisciplinary approach in development in order to bring ideas to market in a timely and cost-effective manner. The MEng Engineering degree at the University of Sheffield, with its emphasis on linking multiple engineering disciplines, offers the potential to provide innovative companies such as Philips with graduates having the right skill-set for a successful career."

Dr Steve Franklin, Materials Technology, Philips Research

"Why would I want to train as an engineer today? Firstly because it is a great job giving you the skills to choose different industries and even locations in the world to use your skills. Secondly, because there is a shortage of top engineers and the shortage is only going to get worse, so you can enjoy rapid career progression. Thirdly, because you can do things that are good for society and humanity as a whole.

Why would you want to study engineering at Sheffield? Because Sheffield has a heritage and passion for the subject. Its academic and keeps in touch with the needs of industry. It has the right blend of theory and application."

Keith Jackson, Chief Technology Officer, Meggitt PLC

Careers guidance

You will benefit from wide ranging support and guidance to assist you in securing jobs. Careers guidance and support is available from the University's Careers Service, including CV writing workshops, one to one appointments, and careers events. You will also be invited to attend industrial guest lectures as well as careers and placement fairs, designed to provide career inspiration and guidance.