Academic Staff

Dr Jonathan Davidson


Overseas Admissions Tutor
Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering

T: (+44) (0)114 222 5825
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Location: Room 1, Level 1, Velocity 2

I studied both my Masters degree and PhD at Sheffield, focussing on electronic engineering and power electronics in particular. I undertook my doctorate in an interdisciplinary energy research centre at the university, where I borrowed measurement techniques commonly found in materials science and combined them with advanced signals processing to produce novel methods estimating the temperature of high power electrical systems. Following my PhD, I worked for a short while as a Research Associate on piezoelectric transformers in the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. I joined the academic staff and the MEng Engineering team in 2015.


Although my background is in electronic engineering, my interdisciplinary research interests have made me a firm believer in the benefits of interdisciplinary engineering study. To me, learning is an exciting journey into the unknown and I take great pleasure in guiding students through their own learning path. I prefer to teach fundamental topics without the distractions of technology, leaving the mind free for learning. For the MEng Engineering programme, I deliver the electrical engineering content as well as supervising Masters projects across the faculty.


My research interests cover a range of interdisciplinary themes centred on power electronic systems. Following my first degree, I worked on thermal management of power electronics where I developed a new technique for the rapid characterisation of thermal systems. Subsequently, my interest expanded into resonant power conversion (particularly using piezoelectric transformers) and sensor/measurement technologies. I work with colleagues from across the faculty to develop innovative technologies and methodologies, which I feed back into my teaching through cutting edge final year projects.