Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS)

SAMHS is the first point of contact for any University of Sheffield student to explore a broad range of mental health support needs in a single triage appointment. Through a triage appointment you can access a wide number of options that will be recommended individually to support your mental wellbeing.

I'd like to book a triage appointment with SAMHS

All students at the University are entitled to a psychological assessment (triage appointment) - register online to get started.

Register by completing our online registration form on a university computer, at any time, with just a few details.

You will then be booked into a Triage appointment, which is a 45 minute in-person assessment with a mental health trained worker. You will then be asked to complete a clinical form on arrival, which helps the SAMHS staff in assessing your needs.

The session provides an opportunity for you to talk briefly about your situation. The appointment may be sufficient in itself but if you need further support we can identify what is available within the the University or externally.

After registering, you will receive an email (within 2 days) asking you to call and book your Triage appointment. Bookings can be made at your convenience.

SAMHS is unable to offer crisis support. If you feel that you need to speak to somebody urgently please contact your GP (0114 222 2100 if this is UHS). You can also talk to The Samaritans on 116 123.

See our In Crisis page for further advice >

In Crisis - mental wellbeing

Want to find information for yourself?

Use our self help guide to find support within the University and local/national services for your concerns.

Information for Staff

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Can I book an appointment directly with University Counselling Service?

No, all students who need support with their mental wellbeing will register online for a SAMHS triage appointment.

At a triage appointment, your suitability for counselling is considered as well as a much wider range of other available options. At the end of the triage appointment, you will be given more information and what is the most appropriate plan for you.

Where will my triage appointment be held?

All triage appointments are held at 36 Wilkinson Street. Report to the Reception staff when you arrive, they will ask you to complete a short form about how you are feeling. The form results go to the mental health professional who is seeing you for your triage appointment.

I have physical disability access needs, will I still be able to be seen?

Yes. You absolutely can access the service and be seen for a triage appointment. Please do let us know if you have requirements, such as wheelchair access/not physically able to walk a flight of stairs.

Our staff are pleased to help every student access their appointments but cannot guarantee that requirements will be in place without the prior knowledge. Please tell us when you book your triage appointment or call the service on 0114 222 4134.

Can I request specifically to see a male or female professional?

Yes, of course. It's absolutely natural that you might feel more comfortable with a specific gender of professional.

It is worth noting however, if we are experiencing a large number of requests for appointments, it may delay how quickly you can be seen. If you require urgent support, please always seek help through your GP.

I am worried I'm not 'bad enough' to get support?

It's difficult to judge your mental wellbeing against anyone else's, as everyone's situations are so unique. If you are struggling, please don't hesitate to seek support from your GP, or from SAMHS by registering for a triage appointment.

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