I have a Mental Health Diagnosis from a Doctor and am Looking For Help

Note: Self-help is not suitable for those who are feeling desperate or have frequent suicidal feelings. Please see your GP or contact Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS) as soon as possible.

In Crisis - mental wellbeing

Are you struggling with new or worse symptoms?

  • It is important you contact any existing contacts with mental health services or your GP and explain your concerns.
  • Mental health services may be a CPN, Crisis Team, psychiatrist etc.
  • Are you having a panic attack right now?

Are you registered with a local GP?

  • We would recommend registering with the University Health Service on Gell Street. They are based in the centre of the campus.
  • Even if you choose to register with another local GP practice, it is important that someone local is monitoring your health and available for emergencies.

Are DDSS (Disability Support Service) aware of your condition?

  • A longstanding mental health condition is classed as a disability.
  • You could be eligible for extra financial and academic help.
  • DDSS will coordinate and support you if you are applying for help.

Have you spoken to your GP about IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies)?

  • Sheffield has its own IAPT service which gives all residents of the city access to psychological help.
  • You can call their self referral team on 0114 226 4380.

Would the IAPT courses on stress control or improving wellbeing help you?

  • They are free and you don't need a referral from your GP, just book online.
  • Both courses aim to give you skills to help manage your condition in everyday life.

SilverCloud Online Therapy Programme

  • Get access through Sheffield IAPT.
  • Online therapy programme proven to help with symptoms of poor mental health.
  • Flexible use and can be accessed online, anytime of PC, mobile or tablet.

None of the above?

Contact Student Access to Mental Health Support (SAMHS) by registering for a triage appointment. Or if in doubt, go to SSiD on Level 3, Students’ Union Building