Fly is an online course for you to think about and work towards better mental wellbeing everyday.


Next running: TBC

Open to all students including all postgraduate students.

When live, you can join via the MOLE enrolment page

The aim of this course is to guide learners to make smarter, informed choices about managing their wellbeing - taking these new skills through University life and beyond.

This online ‘journey’ will include 3 modules:
Your life - recognising stress and perfectionism, coping with worry and an introduction to mindfulness.
Your brain – dealing with negative thoughts, reviewing your life anchors and improving motivation.
You and others – having difficult conversations, improving your living space and understanding differences between your listening needs and when you want advice, gratitude, giving to others and finding happiness in everyday life.

Each week will allow you to keep reflective diaries, share and discuss your ideas through an anonymous online forum and review any course material as you go along.

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