The Centre involves leading experts in materials science and engineering, manufacturing, and data analytics from all partner institutions.



The partners (the University of Sheffield, the University of Manchester and I-Form at UCD and DCU) provide complementary expertise in metallurgy, manufacturing, surface engineering, corrosion science, characterisation, and data analytics.

This expertise gives students a breadth of experience and a wide choice of research topics to suit their interests.

  • The University of Sheffield has expertise in processing and semi-finished product production (such as rolled plate, extrusions), and surface engineering. 
  • The University of Manchester concentrates more on technologies involved in manufacturing (such as joining, forming etc) and in-service life (such as corrosion and damage accumulation). 
  • I-Form focuses on the application of digital technologies to materials development and process optimisation.

Research techniques

Collectively, we can provide students with hands on experience of an exceptional range of state of the art research techniques.

  • The University of Sheffield specialises in thermo-mechanical simulation, and processing equipment. 
  • The University of Manchester focuses on 3D microstructure characterisation, residual stress, damage characterisation, corrosion and surface analysis.
  • I-Form provides the integration tools to fuse physical and cyber system technologies.

The University of Sheffield supervisors 

Dr Magnus Anderson
Dr Kathy Christofidou
Dr Julian Dean
Professor David Fletcher
Dr Colin Freeman
Dr Amy Gandy
Professor Russell Goodall
Professor Martin Jackson
Professor Roger Lewis
Dr Adrian Leyland
Professor Eric Palmiere
Professor Mark Rainforth
Professor Iain Todd
Dr Richard Thackray

Partner institution supervisors

The University of Manchester

Management team

  • Professor Russell Goodall, CDT Director, the University of Sheffield
  • Sharon Brown, Senior CDT Manager
  • Lynn Li, CDT Administrator
  • Dr Richard Thackray, Course Director, the University of Sheffield
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Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.