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The Modern Languages Teaching Centre is one of the departments in the Student Services. We provide language modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout the University of Sheffield, members of staff and members of the public in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish.

All these languages are offered at complete beginner's level if you wish to start learning a new language, and some of them at post GCSE, post AS, or post A2 right up to near-native level if you wish to continue a language. We also offer Tandem Learning, Intercultural Awareness and Online modules in some of these languages.

The Centre's Language Programme is accredited as part of the University's modularised Undergraduate degree. Any student with unrestricted credits may take a language module with the Centre. In fact, almost every degree in the University of Sheffield incorporates the possibility of studying a language with us.

The language component of ‘STEM subjects with a language’ degrees is also taught at the Centre, preparing you for studying your specialism or working in industry during a year abroad. You can do Engineering, Biology, Chemistry or Maths, with French, German, Italian or Spanish. Our graduates are now working for prestigious companies such as Deloitte, Aviva and EDF. More information.

Students without unrestricted credits who would like to learn a language in addition to their degree programme may take a language course on a self-funded basis or, under certain conditions, for free as part of the University of Sheffield's Languages for All scheme. All of our courses are verifiable for the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) transcript, enabling you to add language learning and cultural agility to your profile.


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