Joanna Kowalska

Telephone +44 (0)114 22 27153
Office Ella Armitage Building, room E03
Consultation hours tbc

I come from Upper Silesia (Katowice) where I first started my MA studies in Polish literature and language. I graduated in 2005 after defending a dissertation about overinterpretation of the texts based on Umberto Eco’s and Richard Rorty’s theories. In 2006, I finished an MA thesis about Imannuel Kant’s aesthetic theory. In 2007, thanks to professor Jolanta Tambor, I started the adventure of teaching Polish as a foreign language. After training organized by the Polish Ministry of Higher Education I went for my first (in the role of teacher) summer school of Polish language in Chişinău in Moldova. In 2007, I moved to Romania and taught Polish at University of Bucharest for two years. In 2010, I finished my PhD thesis about crisis of culture between 1918-1939 in Poland/Europe, origins of totalitarianism, banality of evil and conformism. Then I moved to Bratislava, Slovakia, and taught Polish at Komenský’s University until 2013. I came to Sheffield in September 2014. .