Student Profiles

Giovanna, MEng in Civil Engineering with ItalianLeft-hand quotation mark
     ...if I hadn't done Italian with my degree and hadn't studied at the MLTC, I wouldn't have done my year abroad in Italy and I would have missed out on what has been the best year of my degree. I think I didn't realise until I got to Italy how well they had prepared me.Right-hand quotation mark


Giovanna Sinisgalli

MEng in Civil Engineering with Italian

Ross, MEng in Mechanical Engineering with FrenchLeft-hand quotation mark
     The language study is complemented well by the cultural study. We were exposed to a great deal of French culture, politics, law, and life... When it came to searching for employment, I was amazed...that an engineer who speaks a second language is considered a mighty prize for some of the largest engineering firms in the world.Right-hand quotation mark


Ross Peel

MEng in Mechanical Engineering with French

Samantha, BA in Modern Languages with Italian, Spanish and RussianLeft-hand quotation mark
     All the tutors work extremely hard to make sure that the lessons are always well prepared and well adapted to the students’ needs and they always listen to the student’s opinions and never take problems (not that there are many!) lightly: Basically, the MLTC’s number 1 priority is its students.Right-hand quotation mark


Samantha O'Nion

BA in Modern Languages with Italian, Spanish and Russian

Thomas, BA History and Politics with ItalianLeft-hand quotation mark
     Right-hand quotation markI looked to really immerse myself in the language course and tandem programme. As a result, having spent the summer after my graduation working in Rimini, I am now living and working in Milano full time. The course gave me a great foundation so I could...actually conduct interviews in Italian, live, socialise, make friends and importantly go forward with my career...Right-hand quotation mark


Thomas Lawrence

BA History and Politics with Italian

Left-hand quotation mark
     ...the fact that the teaching has been among the best I have ever experienced throughout my academic career has inspired me not only to carry on learning the language into next year but I now also want to live and work in España at some point in my life...Right-hand quotation mark


Ryan Clarke

BSc Economics with Finance, Beginner's Spanish