Blurred image to show a busy pedestrian crossingLiving with difference in Europe: making communities out of strangers

This talk explores the extent and nature of everyday encounters with 'difference' in the UK, particularly in the North of England.

Processes of globalisation and increasing migration mean that individuals and local communities are now exposed to a much wider range of different lifestyles and attitudes than previously.

As such, we are all increasingly likely to encounter contradictions between values, leading to resurgence in prejudice and anxieties about how to cope with group difference.

This talk draws on the material from the University of Sheffield's LIVEDIFFERENCE research project. It focuses on some examples of attitudes towards migrants, including how these attitudes are justified, the sites at which these attitudes are developed and how people negotiate their differences.

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When and where

Date and time: Sunday 29 September, 1.30pm–1.50pm

Location: Devonshire Green, city centre

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About Dr Ulrike M Vieten

Dr Ulrike M Vieten is a senior research associate for the LIVEDIFFERENCE project, funded by the European Research Council, at the University of Sheffield. She's been here since January 2013.

Between 2009 and 2013 she was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Faculty of Social Science, VU Amsterdam (the Netherlands) undertaking a comparative study of the modes of 'new' citizens' inclusion in the Netherlands, Britain and Germany.

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