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Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology
Chromosome Research (Springer site)
Conservation Genetics
Journal of Avian Biology
Journal of Evolutionary Biology
Journal of Field Ornithology
Journal of Heredity
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
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Scitable - Science Education and Technology Explained (Nature Publishing Group)
Studies in Avian Biology
Trends in Ecology & Evolution
The Auk
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Other Reference Sources
Conservation Genetics Literature Database, Laboratory for Conservation Genetics, Germany
Bryan Clarke's Evolutionary Genetics Endnote Database, Institute of Genetics, Nottingham University

British Ecological Society (BES)
British Ornithologists Union
CITES Institutes with Certificates of Scientific Exchange.
European Society of Evolutionary Biology (ESEB)
EvolDir ("Evolution Directory" managed by Brian Goulding)
Genetical Society
Institute of Zoology (Zoological Society of London)
International Society for Behavioural Ecology (ISBE)
Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE)
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE)
The Association for Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB)

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Institute of Zoology (Zoological Society of London)

Searching for existing microsatellite primers:
EMBL Outstation European Bioinformatics Institute Sequence Database Search Page
National Center for Biotechnology Information (GenBank Sequence Database)
Molecular Ecology Notes Primer Database
Searching for DNA sequences:
EMBL Outstation European Bioinformatics Institute Sequence Database Quick Search Page
Comparing DNA sequences:
BLAST searches
NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information BLAST - Nucleic Acid Sequence Searches
BLAST at BCM: DNA Searches Nucleic Acid Sequence Searches
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ENSEMBL Homepage
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Washington University Genome Sequencing Centre
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Sequence massager
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EMBL Outstation European Bioinformatics Institute Homepage
EMBL sequence submission
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EMBL Nucleotide sequence Update Form
Primer designing:
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research/MIT Center for Genome Research Primer3
Primer ordering:
Evolutionary directory:
EvolDir ("Evolution Directory" managed by Brian Golding)
Population analysis software:
CERVUS A windows-based package for parentage analysis using a likelihood approach
GENEPOP (Software for analysing allele frequency data) Email:
Microsatellite checking (Microchecker) software (Developed at the University of Hull)
Taxonomy Database at NCBI
DNA Banks
Institute of Zoology (inc. DNA Bank)

Introduction to Microsatellites
Insect Microsatellite Database

Avian Genetics Qiagen kit DNA extraction from various tissue sources (avian blood, tissue, eggshell, feathers, mouth swabs, historical samples)

Bird sample collections
British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums
BIAZA Conservation webpage
International Species Information System (ISIS)
ISIS Species Holdings
Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Swedish Musuem of Natural History Museum (Stockholm)
Colour ring birding

Bird images
Bird photos at pBase
Bird images at Discover Life - Aves

Bird Taxonomy
Aves Tree of Life
The Sibley/Monroe World List of Bird Names
Sibley and Monroe Bird Classification
Sibley-Monroe Checklist 11 (Passeriformes)
Bird Biogeograpghy (by Gary Richardson)
NCBI Taxonomy Database
Niches - those confusing birds
Bird Systematics
Intro to Ornithology (by Gary Richardson)

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Amersham Biosciences
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Lark Sequencing Service

Other sites
Tree of life Phylogeny database
Genome size database Genome sizes for 100's of species