Molecular Ecology Lab Group Picture 5 Feb 2013
Molecular Ecology Laboratory members, February 2013
From left to right:
Sarah Buckland, Katy Maher, Caitriona McInerney, Gareth Fraser, Anna Santure, Kai Zeng, Lindsay Farrell (V), Natalie dos Remedios (V),  Roger Butlin, Lily Herridge (V), Sophie Webster, Anne-Lise Liabot (V), Andy Krupa, Liam Rasch, Shaun Croft, Aaron Comeault, Jenny Armstrong, Jenny Kaden (V), Ludovic Duvaux, CĂ©line Pagnier, Toby Fountain, Rachel Tucker, Ben Jackson, Sigrid Zhang, Issie Winney, Jon Slate, Jun-Mo Kim, Claudius Kerth, Mauricio Montano-Rendon, Haris Pilides (V), Clemens Kuepper, Kang-Wook Kim, Maria-Elena Manarelli, Jamie Davies, Moritz Muschik, Victor Soria-Carrasco, Rudiger Riesch, Anja Westram, Tim Farkas, Terry Burke.

(V) denotes visitors to the laboratory

Professor Terry Burke Head of Laboratory
Director, NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility (NBAF)
Professor of Molecular Ecology 0114 222 0096
Professor Roger Butlin Professor of Evolutionary Biology 0114 222 0097
Dr Deborah Dawson Manager of the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Sheffield 0114 222 0106
Dr Gareth Fraser Lecturer in Zoology 0114 222 4317
Dr Nicola Nadeau Independent Research Fellow 0114 222 4717
Dr Patrik Nosil Lecturer 0114 222 0089
Dr Mirre Simons Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow
Professor Jon Slate Professor of Evolutionary Genetics 0114 222 0048
Dr Alison Wright NERC Fellow
Dr Kai Zeng Lecturer in Biology 0114 222 4708
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Rachel Tucker Senior Research Technician
Population genetics and genomics 0114 222 0115
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Gracie Adams
(Supervisor: Dr M Simons)
Fly lab technical support
Bilal Ashraf
Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisor: Prof J Slate)
Genomic prediction in Soay sheep 0114 222 0113
Pragya Chaube
Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisor: Prof RK Butlin)
The genetic basis of adaptive phenotypes in Littorina

0114 222 0113

Padraic Corcoran
Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisor: Dr K Zeng)
Emma Curran
Graduate student
(Supervisor: Dr N Nadeau)
The evolution and genetics of iridescent colour in butterflies
Luke Dunning Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisors: Dr P Nosil & Dr PA Christin)
Evolution of C3 and C4 photosynthesis in grasses.
Dr Natalie dos Remedios
Research Technician
(Supervisor: Prof T A Burke)
Transgenerational effects of parental age on fitness 0114 222 0113
Dr Christophe Dufresne
Research Fellow (Supervisor Prof RK Butlin)
Dr Isobel Eyres

Postdoctoral Associate (Supervisor: Prof RK Butlin)

Candidate genes for host race formation in aphids

0114 222 0113

Dr Rui Faria
Marie Curie Research Fellow (Supervisor: Prof RK Butlin)
Clarissa Ferreira de Carvalho
Graduate Student
(Supervisor: Dr P Nosil)
Genomic basis of adaptation and species divergence
Laura Hartshorne
Research technician
(Supervisor: Dr M Simons)
Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) genetics
Dr Helen Hipperson

Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisors: Prof T A Burke & Dr DA Dawson)

Data Analyst
NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Sheffield

0114 222 4718

Dr Gavin Horsburgh
Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisors: Prof T A Burke & Dr DA Dawson)

Research Assistant for the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility - Sheffield

0114 222 0115
Dr Kang-Wook Kim
Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisor: Dr M Simons)
Evolution and genetics of senescence in the wild
Lucy Knowles
MRes Student
(Supervisor: Dr DA Dawson)
Otter diet in Sheffield and the Peak District
Camille Lee-Own
L4 Student
(Supervisor: Dr M Simons)
Dietary restriction: the connection between functional senescence and mortality

Andy McCracken

Graduate student
(Supervisor: Dr Mirre Simons)
The evolution and genetics of aging: adapting to changes in life expectancy and reproductive opportunities

Celine Pagnier

NBAF Secretary

Secretary for the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility (NBAF)

0114 222 4314
Thea Rogers
Graduate student
(Supervisor: Dr Alison Wright)
Aaron Sibma
Graduate Student (Supervisor: Prof T A Burke) 0114 222 0113
Dominic Swain Graduate Student
(Supervisor: Dr G Fraser in collaboration with Dr A Beckerman, UoS)
Developmental Plasticity, Eco-Evo-Devo and Morphological Patterning in Daphnia
Alex Thiery Graduate Student
(Supervisor: Dr G Fraser)
Functional evolution and development of novel feeding apparatus in parrotfish, pufferfish and other fishes

Dr Anja Marie Westram

Postdoctoral Associate
(Supervisor: Prof RK Butlin)
Parallel speciation in Littorina saxatilis

0114 222 0113

Dr Ben Wielstra (2017-19) Marie Curie fellow
(Supervisor: Prof RK Butlin)
Lucy Winder
Graduate Student
(Supervisor: Prof T Burke)
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