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Edfar Barajas Ledesma
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Dr Edgar Barajas Ledesma
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences
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Dr Edgar Barajas Ledesma did a BSc in Chemical Engineering in Mexico, and then specialised as a materials scientist with a master’s project on novel routes to synthesize TiO2 and TiO2-Al2O3 nanostructured thin films and nanoconjugates for photocatalytic applications.  He completed his Ph. D. at the University of Sheffield working on natural materials, from snake venom to gastropod mucus, analysing the chemical, thermal, and mechanical properties of these ecto-secretions to understand the main functions of proteins in natural environments, and subsequently during industrial processing. Edgar has been teaching at the University of Sheffield since 2021.

He delivers lectures and tutorials. Currently, he is doing the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching for Learning in Higher Education (PGCertTLHE) with the project about the Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Tool to enhance Academic Assignments.


Professional Qualifications & Memberships

  • Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (MIMMM)
  • Member of The Malacological Society of London
  • FHEA

Teaching interests

Polymers; Sustainability; Photocatalysis: Thermodynamics; Microscopy; Statistics; Biomaterials and Natural Materials.


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Teaching interests

In my teaching and learning practice I have the goal to motivate and encourage students to reflect on their strengths and areas of improvement. In my lectures, students can demonstrate their academic skills, and to achieve this goal, I include an active learning section and research-based examples, where students can share their ideas and thoughts. I enjoy providing student support and training through examples of creativity and emphasizing that challenges are areas of opportunity.

Teaching activities

Undergraduate and postgraduate taught modules

Chemistry in a Sustainable Future (Level 1)

This lecture course looks at the planet and its populations through the lens of chemistry, connecting the study of chemistry with how we lived in the past, how we live now, and how we might live in the future.  This module explores a wide range of science and technology, its place in society, and how economics and policy interact in building a sustainable and equitable world.

Sustainable Technologies (Level 6/MSc; L4/MChem)

This module explores our current carbon intensive technologies and how to maintain our living standards we need to decarbonise those technologies.  It is also discussed the importance of using renewable resources and move towards a zero-waste and circular economy.