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Shreya Barlingay

"Being part of INSIGNEO has enabled me to interact with different professionals conducting the latest research in the medical devices field. This really encourages me to dive deeper into the world of biomechanics."

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Abhinav Paul Kongari

"I would highly recommend anyone with even a slight interest towards Biomechanics, to join the MSc programme."

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Leticia Campello

"When I found out about this course, and that it could be possible to bridge engineering and medicine, I just had to apply for it!"

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Dr Claudia MazzĂ , Course Director

"We have entered a new era for the world of medicine. You'll learn how to model the human body to help make personalised diagnosis and treatment decisions."

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Dr Gwen Reilly, Senior Lecturer Bioengineering

"It's all about understanding what engineering is about. This goes to both men and women, because its not a school subject, its only physics where it is even touched on. You don't hear about its purpose and function, you don't understand what an interdisciplinary subject it; bioengineering is absolutely ideal. People don't know its there and understand that it will be a nice mixture of subjects."

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