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Leticia Bezzera Bresani Campello

Student of MSc Computational Medicine

1. Hi Leticia, so you’ve already studied at Sheffield, completing your undergraduate degree in Mech Eng, and now you’re on the MSc. Why do you find studying engineering at Sheffield so alluring?

I think that what really interests me about Sheffield is all the facilities and research opportunities that the university provides to students. Particularly, this new MSc course offered by the university matched by career plans, and I knew that staying here, I would get an amazing academic support and different research options.


2. Msc computational Medicine is a relatively new field of study within engineering. What was it about this course, that convinced you?

Honestly, deep within, I always wanted to do something related to bioengineering/biomedical sciences. When I found out about this course, and that it could be possible to bridge engineering and medicine, I just had to apply for it!

3. There’s a lot of technology involved in the course. What have you found the most interesting/fascinating/cool?

So far, it was an individual project we had in our modelling skills for musculoskeletal system. We had to study the effects of spinal fusion on the L2-L3 vertebrae, and present the results in the Virtual Reality lab. I was overwhelmed by the lab and I had so much fun!

It is never too late to expand your knowledge.

4. I understand the student community, albeit small, is very harmonious. What is special about your course-mates and the group dynamic?

I think the best thing about our class is that everyone is willing to help each other. I personally want everyone to be successful and I think we can better achieve this if we work together. Everyone is really nice and I’m really happy I got to meet these people!

5. What are your career aspirations following the degree?

I’m really into orthopaedics and biomechanics and modelling of musculoskeletal system are my favourite topic ever! So, my main focus is getting a job in healthcare, more specifically, design of implants, research on bone diseases and/or regulatory affairs.

6. What advice would you give to fellow undergraduate students, or anyone thinking of re-joining academia, to study MSc computational medicine?

I would say that it is never too late to expand your knowledge, and that you do not necessarily need to have a BEng in mechanical engineering or bioengineering. This course is structured in such a way that it covers lots of different areas, from fundamental topics such as organ systems and tissue structure, to modelling of cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems

7. Finally, and the most important question, what are your favourite things about being a student in Sheffield (food, sports, social etc)?

I come from one of the largest cities in Brazil, so it was quite of a change moving to Sheffield, which is relatively smaller. Despite that, I really enjoy the calm life you get to experience here, more specifically, going to different pubs, SU night-outs, hanging with my friends at cafes and cool restaurants around Sheffield.

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