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Shreya Barlingay

Alumna of MSc Computational Medicine

"As someone who already had an engineering background in the field of Computer Science and a desire to pursue my dream of improving healthcare services, I remember searching for courses that would be an amalgamation of Computer and Biomedical Engineering Sciences.

I found that the University of Sheffield – the best for Biomedical Science and Engineering – has a very unique Masters course – the MSc in Computational Medicine. It integrates both computational studies with biomechanics, and so was a perfect fit for my requirements.


The University is located in the student-friendly city of Sheffield, with a diverse student population. It certainly provides the best facilities, with an amazing experience of social and educational life. Known for the best student experience, the Students’ Union is the go-to place if one needs any help. Library and computer access facilities at The Diamond and Information Commons do not fail to amaze me as they contain all the latest equipment, books, journals and updated software.

Being part of the prestigious INSIGNEO Institute for in silico Medicine has enabled me to interact with different professionals conducting the latest research in the medical devices field.

The kind of ground-breaking research that takes place at INSIGNEO really encourages me to dive deeper into the world of biomechanics. And to get a taste of this amazing facility, we got to carry out a 60-credit research project with the experts at INSIGNEO. This was indeed a golden chance that further developed my practical knowledge.

The best part of the course is that it is designed in such a way that it not only sharpens your basic knowledge, but also adds the flavour of real-life applications.

Modules like Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices and Cardiovascular and Musculoskeletal Modelling Skills increase my demand in the industry as the first generation of qualified professionals in this field.

I have a passionate drive for innovation and a desire to progress into a career which makes a genuine difference to mankind."