The Programme Crossways in Cultural Narratives

This Masters offers an exciting opportunity to obtain a prestigious, European Union-supported qualification with study in three European countries or in two European locations and one overseas.

The Masters has been designed by integrating the modules of a number of existing Masters programmes at the Universities of Sheffield, Bergamo, New Lisbon, Perpignan, Poznan, St Andrews, Santiago de Compostela, Guelph, Entre Rios and Iberoamericana.

At the end of the degree, you will have a Master's from each of the three universities at which you've studied.


The programme offers a two-year full-time programme of postgraduate study in cultural and literary studies with a very wide range of possible pathways.

You will follow a mobile study itinerary over two years. Study will take place in three European or North- or South-American universities chosen (with certain restrictions) from the ten that make up the Crossways Consortium.

You can study up to three of the following disciplines: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese. Italian is also available at St Andrews and Bergamo.

Aims of the programme

  • To prepare students for independent research at advanced postgraduate level;
  • To offer students a programme that is qualitatively different from BA-level study by maximising opportunities for self-study and reflective practice;
  • To focus on transferable research and learning skills such as critical thinking and reading, information retrieval and data presentation, oral delivery and written expression;
  • To offer students the opportunity to study in several countries in order to develop multilingual communicative abilities and experience postgraduate study in multiple European and/or overseas contexts.


Semesters Two and Three will be spent at the same university (your 'Home University'). Your First and Fourth Semesters are spent at two other universities. (NB. It is not possible to study at both Sheffield and St Andrews; and nor can you study at Sheffield and Guelph, or at St Andrews and Guelph, within a single academic year).

In Semester Two, you EITHER (a) write a 'Short Dissertation' (or Pre-Dissertation) of approx. 10,000 words, OR (b) you write a shorter "Dissertation Report" of ca. 6,000 words AND undertake a short internship with an appropriate cultural organisation (of which you produce a written account). In Semester Four, you will write your main and final Masters dissertation (approx. 20,000 words) on an agreed topic.

The wide choice of modules on offer enables you to pursue an individual study plan adapted to your professional and academic training. The main language of study at the universities is the national language (with the exception of Poznan), though some courses in other languages may also be offered.


Choice of Sheffield modules and module descriptions - find out more


Eligibility, entry requirements, how to apply

You must possess or expect to possess the equivalent of a 1st-Class or 2:1 B.A. degree in the same subject or related subjects to those you wish to study during the programme (French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).

You must be fluent in the languages of at least two of the countries in which you wish to study.

You can find out more about entry requirements on the main Mundus Crossways Masters website, in the 'Admissions Criteria' section. You apply through that website and not through the University of Sheffield.

More information about application procedures as well as about programme structure, organisation, workloads and assessments is available from the main Mundus Crossways Masters website:

Apply through the main Mundus Crossways website

Fees and scholarships

Registration fee

A registration fee is payable each year of the programme. Please see the main Mundus website for current amounts.

Student scholarships

The European Union normally awards several European and non-European student scholarships each year to the programme, each amounting to ca. Euro 21,000 over 10 months, renewable for a second year. These scholarships are made available to students from all over the world to enable them to undertake study with us. The scholarships are based on academic criteria aand are strictly competitive.

Students who are not awarded an EU scholarship are very welcome to join the programme on a self-funding basis.

Both EU and non-EU students may qualify for an Erasmus-Socrates mobility grant of around 2000 Euros during the course.

A limited number of scholarships may also be made available by Regional and Trust sources to help subsidise your enrolment for the Crossways MA.

Further information

You will find more details about scholarships and whether you qualify as a European or non-European applicant on the Mundus masters website:

More about Mundus scholarships on the main Mundus Crossways website