21 October 2006

Peter Hill and Nigel Simeone give a series of lectures

In September 2006, Peter Hill and Nigel Simeone gave a series of lectures and recitals at three universities in the USA, all on the music of Messiaen. On 21-22 September they were the guests of Boston University for the Inaugural Conference of the Boston University Messiaen Project (www.oliviermessiaen.net). Two days of lectures, a concert and a masterclass at Penn State University were followed by a visit to Swarthmore College, PA, where Messiaen himself visited in the 1970s. Profs. Hill and Simeone were invited to give the annual Peter Gram Swing Memorial Lecture and Concert on 29 September in Swarthmore's Lang Music Buidling. Their book "Messiaen" is currently being translated into French (to be published by Fayard) and German (to be published by Schott).