07 December 2007

Departmental Research Seminar Series now available as a vod-cast

The weekly research seminar series of lectures given by visiting speakers and our own staff is now available online.

Selected seminars are being broadcast as vod-casts (videos which can be downloaded and watched via a computer). To view seminars, and participate in online discussion, go to the "Research Seminar Vod-casts" course in MOLE. (If this does not appear in your online courses in MOLE, please contact Nicola Dibben to be enrolled).

The Research Seminar Series consists of weekly lectures given by eminent visiting scholars and members of staff on current research topics and provides a vital insight into current developments in musicological research of all types. These seminars also function to broaden graduate students’ knowledge of the discipline, contextualise their own research, and educate students into the conventions of research presentation and debate.

The aim of the vod-casts is to:
- make the weekly research seminars available to all students who are unable to attend due to geographical location, or work or family commitments.
- foster a virtual graduate community

Vod-casts currently available, or due to be added this term include:
- ‘West Side Story – 50 years on’ Nigel Simeone (Sheffield University): given on 29 October 2007
- ‘Sound recording, sound reproduction and the absence of the original’ Robert Dow (Edinburgh University): given on 3 December 2007
- 'John Cage: Freeman Etudes’ Mieko Kanno (Durham University): given on 10 December 2007.