07 October 2008

Graduate Study Day, 12th November, 9.30am - 2pm

The next Departmental Graduate Study Day will be on Wednesday 12th November 2008. This is an opportunity for graduate students to present their research to other members of the music department, and is a requirement for students upgrading or nearing completion of their research. Its a fantastic opportunity for graduates and staff to get together and share their research.

Presentations are normally 20 minutes in length and take one of the following forms:
- a spoken paper,
- a lecture-recital (short performance and commentary/lecture),
- playing of compositions with a commentary\lecture, each of which is followed by about 10 minutes of questions. However, if you would like to present your research in a different format please make a suggestion and I'll do my best to accommodate it. Hifi, video and DVD equipment is available, and there is a data projector and computer for your use.

Students wishing to present must first consult with their supervisor and then submit the title and a brief abstract of c.100 words (describing the content of the proposed paper/activity) to myself, the Head of Graduate Studies (Nikki Dibben) by *Monday 27th October*. I will then circulate the programme for the day.

Two further Graduate Study Days are scheduled for this academic year: on 6th February and 18th May 2008.

Please feel encouraged to present your research, or come along, meet research students and hear about their research.