Adrian Moore performing and talking about new music

Adrian Moore will be performing and talking about new music at the following concerts and festivals:

London 21st October featuring Fields of darkness and light (2010) as part of the Sonic Explorations festival at Kings place
and also Junky (1996) in the late lounge.

Sheffield 24th October. Free launch event of two new discs from the world renowned label Empreintes DIGITALes also featuring the music of Pete Stollery (University of Aberdeen) and Jean-Francois Denis, the artistic director of Empreintes DIGITALes.

Moore and Stollery perform in Aberdeen on the 25th October as part of the Sound Festival.

Manchester 28th October featuring three works (3Pieces:Piano, Click, Junky) in a concert shared with acousmatic legend Andy Lewis (Bangor University).

Sheffield 8th November composers from The University of Sheffield Sound Studios will be presenting new work using our state-of-the-art sound diffusion orchestra in the Drama Studio.

Edinburgh 11th November Adrian will tour selected works from Sound Junction to Edinburgh sharing a concert with Jonty Harrison in the Soundings Festival