What’s it really like to have a Music Career?

Monday 15h April 12.30-1.30, Ensemble Room 1
Matt Wanstall,
(the Musicians Union)

This session will explore the world of work for musicians, and music related careers. The Musicians' Union (MU) represent over 30,000 musicians from orchestral players to drum and bass producers, so are well placed to offer overall advice on the industry as it now exists. We'll look at some of the key issues - working patterns, portfolio careers, income streams, potential pitfalls and of course how we might help you.

Although this is a very short session we'd welcome questions in advance or at the end of the presentation. Whether you plan to perform, teach, compose and record (or all of these and more) this is a session you need to attend!

Please send any questions in advance to Fay Hield: f.hield@sheffield.ac.uk