TuoS Folk Group take the Folk Train

image of TuoS Folk TrainOn 23 April 2013 the university’s folk Group, based in the Music Department, joined forces with Ceilidhsoc and hosted the infamous Sheffield-Edale Folk Train. This epic adventure involved boarding the 7:15 from Sheffield Station, playing all the way to the Rambler pub in Edale. The group then played two sets of music they have been rehearsing over the term, before tearing themselves away to make the return trip. This journey is familiar to many university societies using it as an amiable trip out, but it is the first time the university have provided the entertainment. The Folk group was established in 2011 by Dr Fay Hield on her appointment to the university and is growing in popularity. Please contact Fay for further details: f.hield@shef.ac.uk