Nikki Dibben was an opponent at Eirik Askeroi's successful PhD Disputas in Norway

Nikki Dibben imageNikki Dibben was an opponent at Eirik Askeroi's successful PhD Disputas, at the University of Agder, Norway, on 18 January 2013. This event illustrates the interesting differences between the Norwegian and British system of PhD examination. Under the Norwegian system PhD candidate Eirik Askeroi gave a “trial lecture” of an hour’s duration on a topic chosen by the examiners, in this case “The relationship between sonic markers and musical style”. This was followed by a 3.5 hour discussion of the PhD candidate’s thesis “Reading Pop Production” consisting of a 20 minute presentation by the candidate, and presentations and questioning by the two external examiners, Dr Nicola Dibben (University of Sheffield) and Professor Serge Lacasse (University of Laval, Canada) – all in front of an audience of 50 members of the general public, and presided over by the Dean, Professor Per Kvist. The occasion was followed by a dinner held by the PhD candidate for the examiners, supervisors and friends and family. As well as congratulations to Dr Eirik Askeroi for his successful doctoral defence, this was a special moment on which to celebrate the completion of the University of Agder’s first PhD in Popular Music Performance and congratulate the staff and institution on the establishment of this new area of study. Photographs show Nikki Dibben giving her congratulatory speech to the candidate, supervisor Professor Stan Hawkins and other members of the staff, family and friends who attended the dinner.