Seminars on Cross-modal associations with music, 29 January 2013 & 1st of February 2013

At 29th of January and 1st of February, the research centre "Music, Mind, Machine in Sheffield" will host a series of seminars on "cross-modal associations with music". The seminars will consider mappings between sonic features (pitch, intensity and tempo) and physical and socio-emotional features (spatial height, physical size and mass, and emotional valence, and arousal). The origins of these mappings are considered as well as their relevance for music perception and applications of music in everyday life.

Speakers are Prof. Zohar Eitan (Tel Aviv University), Dr. Roni Granot (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) and Prof. Charles Spence (Oxford University). Presentations will be held in the Department of Music, Music Seminar Room (2.07), 34 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, S3 7RD.

You are warmly invited to attend and participate in these events.


Date Time Speaker Title
29 Jan 10.30-12.30 Zohar Eitan Cross-modal associations with music
29 Jan 15.00-17.00 Roni Granot EEG studies of cross-modal associations with musical parameters
1 Feb 13.00-14.30 Charles Spence Matching music and soundscape to food and drink

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