Adam Stansbie releases new work on CD

Resonancias CD coverone times one – a stereo acousmatic work by Adam Stansbie (2014) – has been released on a new CD called: Resonancias. The CD features works by seven composers who all won prizes from the Destellos Foundation, Argentina, between 2008 – 2013. Stansbie receive First Prize in the 2010 competition for his work Escapade, and describes his new work as follows:

one times one is a stereo, acousmatic work composed in 2014. Taking a range of orchestral recordings as a starting point, it explores the boundaries that hold between (1) pitch and noise, and (2) sustained and iterative states. This exploration began with the realisation that the processing of pitched orchestral recordings frequently reveals a wealth of noise-based artefacts, particularly those produced by percussion instruments within the orchestra; by stretching, slowing down and re-pitching these materials, the noise-based artefacts become increasingly prominent whilst the pitch-centres begin to disappear. At the same time, these simple processes have a tendency to disrupt the seemingly sustained flow of instrumental phrases and gestures, fragmenting the sound-world into small grains of sound. These transitions (from pitch to noise and from sustained to iterative states) inspired the form of the piece, which starts with source-bonded orchestral materials, before moving gradually towards increasingly noise-based, granular clouds. Additional recorded materials were used to highlight this transition, including the sounds of piano strings, resonant metallic bowls, gongs, and percussion instruments, amongst others. The piece pays homage to the works of Horacio Vaggione and, more specifically, his interest in microtime, fragmentation and decorrelation of audio signals.

one times one was commissioned by The Electroacoustic Project (dir. Thomas Gorbach) and premiered on their acousmonium in June 2014.

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