Sheffield Sonic Art travels to Ireland

Adam Stansbie imageSonic Art works made by staff and students in the music department will feature in this year’s Musica Nova - a conference held at the Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland; music composed by Chris Hobbs (MA in Sonic Arts) and Martin Curtis-Powell (PhD in Electroacoustic Composition) will feature alongside acousmatic compositions by Dr. Adrian Moore and Dr. Adam Stansbie.

During the conference, Adam Stansbie will present a masterclass on sound diffusion. He will focus upon the notion of performance interpretation and offer answers to a variety of questions, including: How do performers interpret electroacoustic music? How do they prepare their interpretations? Is interpretation simply a matter of human agency or technological wizardry? Can one identify interpretative skills? Are such skills regulated by communities, guilds or performance traditions? Are some electroacoustic works more interpretable than others? What are the acceptable limits of a given interpretation? Are some interpretations more authentic than others?

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