From Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of September Radio 3 produced the Why Music? Weekend, a number of unique programmes broadcast live from Wellcome Collection in London. Dr Victoria Williamson joined Philip Ball (author of 'The Music Instinct') as BBC Radio 3 experts for the entire Why Music? Weekend.

Dr. Williamson took part in 4 live programmes over the course of Why Music? including 'In Tune' (Sean Rafferty), 'Why Music? Question Time', and 'Why Music? Round Up' (Tom Service)

With the help of BBC producer David Papp, Dr. Williamson also completed her first full length concert lecture for Why Music? called 'Music and Memory'. The 90 minute concert featured the music of Beethoven, Franck, Stravinsky and Brahms as perfomed by principle players of Aurora Orchestra. The concert probed the power of music in memory, including the topics of melody, harmony, meaning and emotion.

More information, including audio files of all the Why Music? programmes.