Four new publications for Renee Timmers

book cover2014 has turned out to be a productive year for Renee, with two edited volumes and two journal articles published. Topics include expressive performance of music and interactions between emotion and cognition in music.

1) Edited volume on Expressiveness in Music Performance

Fabian, D., Timmers, R., & Schubert, E. (Eds.) (2014). Expressiveness in music performance: Empirical approaches across styles and cultures. Oxford University Press.

Includes the following chapter:
Timmers, R., & Sadakata, M. (2014). Training expressive performance by means of visual feedback: existing and potential applications of performance measurement techniques.

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2) Article on Temporal coordination in string quartet performance

Timmers, R., Endo, S., Bradbury, A., & Wing, A. M. (2014). Synchronization and leadership in string quartet performance: a case study of auditory and visual cues. Frontiers in Psychology, 5, Article 645.

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3) Edited volume on Interactions between Emotion and Cognition in Music.

Timmers, R., & Coutinho, E. (2014). Interactions between emotion and cognition in music: Letter from the guest editors. Psychomusicology: Music, Mind, and Brain, 24 (1), 2-3.

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4) Article on Influences of emotion on music cognition

Timmers, R. & Crook, H.L. (2014). Affective priming in music listening: Emotions as a source of musical expectation. Music Perception, 31, 470-484.

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