Keynote talks at music education conferences in Dublin and Exeter

image of Stephanie Pitts and othersStephanie Pitts has been the keynote speaker at two music education conferences in the last few weeks: first at a music in higher education symposium at Trinity College, Dublin (1st April) and then at the international Research in Music Education conference in Exeter (14th-18th April). In Dublin the focus was on the value of music in universities, and Stephanie presented her work on researching with students, while in Exeter she posed the question ‘What is music education for?’ and drew on her work with lapsed amateur musicians and concert goers, as well as the book Chances and Choices (OUP, 2012).

Four of Stephanie’s PhD students also presented a symposium at Exeter, around the theme of ‘preparing to perform’. The symposium featured case studies from Australian high school bands (Cassie White), the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop (Jo Miller), community choirs in the English Midlands (Michael Bonshor) and one to one piano lessons (Mary Hawkes). The rare opportunity for Stephanie’s far-flung PhD students to meet in one place was also much appreciated and enjoyed by all.