Postgraduate Studies - Research Degrees

Photos of student at piano, cora, research notes and student in studio

Research degrees are available in any of the areas of music covered by the Department's staff. Each programme of research is tailored to the skills and interests of the student concerned.

Departmental Research Studying for a PhD

Applying for a PhD

Students interested in applying for a PhD position are encouraged to prepare a brief research proposal, CV and motivation, and get in touch with a potential supervisor who works in an area relevant to the proposed research. A timely expression of interest is particularly important when you intend to apply for funding. Initial contact with a potential supervisor is important to receive feedback and principle support for your application. However, a formal decision concerning your application will only be made upon receipt of the full application.

In addition to research degrees carried out within the department, we are also experienced in supervising PhD students living away from Sheffield and in part-time employment.

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