MA Composition

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  • Delivered by a team of internationally-renowned composers who are all active practitioners in their respective fields

  • Opportunities to work with a range of artistic collaborators such as performers, ensembles and film-makers

  • Explore and understand a wide range of contemporary compositional styles and traditions

  • Engage intellectually and critically with existing knowledge in the field of contemporary compositional practice

  • Develop an understanding of research in composition which will prepare you for doctoral work or employment in the creative arts

This exciting course offers an ideal opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the creation and presentation of contemporary music. The course offers two distinct pathways. In one pathway, students may specialise in instrumental composition, in which they will explore a broad range of compositional approaches and techniques, with a strong emphasis on inquiry-led practice. This will include collaboration with professional performers and peers, and/or the scope for interacting across disciplines, as well as making mixed-media work. Alternatively, students may specialise in electronic/electroacoustic composition, in which they explore creative applications of analogue/digital technologies, studio-based composition techniques, real-time audio processing techniques, aesthetics of sonic art, historical developments in electronic music, temporal/spatial-audio, post-digital aesthetics, amongst others.

MA Composition

Student feedback:

“MA Composition developed and strengthened my compositional voice with tutorials, live opportunities, and conferences. It gave me the opportunity to collaborate with an engineer on a very unique sound installation. Most significantly, it changed the way I think and write about music with group discussions and focused dissertation study. This is a valuable and rewarding degree for composers who welcome a challenge.”

Stephen Theofanous, MA Composition