MA/PG Cert Music Psychology in Education (Distance Learning)

Photos of students and a lecture

  • Includes summer residentials and optional one day study events

  • Work with widely published recognised experts in the field of Psychology of Music

  • Develop skills in writing, literature exploration and evaluation

  • Training in Psychology of Music research methods

  • Access to online virtual learning environment for study materials, and tutors via phone and email

  • Fit your studies flexibly around full-time work

Music Psychology in Education offers the opportunity for you to specialise in educational research in your second year. The first year of the course follows the same programme as Psychology for Musicians, but you will be able to select essay titles that emphasise the educational aspects of each module. You will then complete a `Readings in Music Education´ module, followed by dissertation research on an aspect of musical learning, informed by music psychology theory and methods. You will benefit from newly-written online materials, and from the department´s extensive resources of books and journals in music education.

Group photo of Music Psychology students

Student feedback:

“At this point I feel as though I could learn just about anything, given sufficient time and motivation. I can't emphasize enough how much I owe you and my other profs in the Sheffield program... This year I will be going on to a PhD in Musicology, co-sponsored by the Psychology department at a major university in Toronto. The Master's degree has gotten me more work already; I have been hired to teach undergraduate music history.”

Joel Katz, Toronto, Canada