MA/PG Cert Psychology for Musicians (Distance Learning)

Photo of students and a cellist

  • Includes summer residentials and optional one day study events

  • Work with widely published recognised experts in the field of Psychology of Music

  • Develop skills in writing, literature exploration and evaluation

  • Training in Psychology of Music research methods

  • Access to online virtual learning environment for study materials, and tutors via phone and email

  • Fit your studies flexibly around full-time work

Psychology for Musicians welcomed its first students in August 1997, and has since expanded in numbers and geographical distance, drawing students from Canada, Greece, Iceland, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, as well as the UK. The course focuses on the application of psychological research to musical experiences and professions, and aims to attract graduate musicians who work in the fields of music therapy, performance, or teaching. Psychology for Musicians provides you with training in the research methods used by psychologists, together with the conceptual framework within which these methods can help to inform and explore musical expertise and understanding.

Student feedback:

“At this point I feel as though I could learn just about anything, given sufficient time and motivation. I can't emphasize enough how much I owe you and my other profs in the Sheffield program... This year I will be going on to a PhD in Musicology, co-sponsored by the Psychology department at a major university in Toronto. The Master's degree has gotten me more work already; I have been hired to teach undergraduate music history.”

Joel Katz, Toronto, Canada