MA Sonic Arts

Photos of studios, Soundhouse and sonic art performances

  • Specialise in the sonic arts with internationally renowned sound artists, composers and technologists

  • Gain a rigorous introduction to current trends in sonic arts practices

  • Train in the use of contemporary sonic art terms, tools and techniques in state-of-the-art facilities

  • Develop and refine your own artistic voice/personal aesthetic and establish yourself in the exciting world of the sonic arts

  • Join a creative and expanding postgraduate community in a city with a busy, vibrant music scene

Study with experts at the cutting-edge of technical, creative and theoretical knowledge in this rapidly evolving area of study. The course focuses upon the relationship between technology and creative practice, training musical students to use software tools and enabling students with a solid music technology background to investigate creative opportunities. Initial intensive training in the knowledge and methods of the field at the start of the course is followed by opportunities for increasingly independent research and exploration.

At The University of Sheffield we take a broad and inclusive view of the sonic arts; we embrace anything from sound installations to free-improvised performances, computer programming through to fine art practice, art in which sound is the medium through to that in which sound plays a supporting role. Our influences are equally diverse; we embrace anything from the Intonarumori of futurist Luigi Russolo through to the cut-up techniques of William Burroughs, the concrete experiments of Pierre Schaeffer through to the abstract processes of Steve Reich, the high-modernist work of Stockhausen through to the ‘eyebrow’ moments of Zappa, from the sculptural works of Zimoun through to the ephemeral improvisations of John Zorn. There is no one comprehensive definition of sonic art - this exciting field is still in the process of defining itself, pushing into new territories and discovering new ways of being.

Sonic Arts Stage with mixer and speakers

Student feedback:

“I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in challenging themselves and in creating highly original pieces of sonic art.”

Andy Reeman

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