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Previous students

The MA in Sonic Arts prepares students for a wide variety of professional activities and occupations. For example, recent graduates have secured jobs as teachers and lecturers, audio technologists and engineers, computer programmers, sonic artists, sound designers, performers and curators, amongst others. A number of past students continued onto our PhD programme and are now working in academia. Here are some thoughts from two recent MA in Sonic Arts graduates:

Andy Reeman

image of Andy Reeman“The MA in Sonic Arts was the perfect combination of modern aesthetics and technology. This course allowed me to greatly develop my composition technique along with introductions to the advanced technology required for acousmatic music creation. Composition seminars involved discussion about compositional problems and analysis of classic acousmatic works. The teaching space contained a 7.1 surround sound system so it was possible to listen to and analyse the many multi-channel works that exist in the acousmatic repertoire. The works that I composed were played in many of the concerts that the music department held along with the popular Sound Junction concert specialising in electroacoustic music. The development of software began with using graphical programming languages such as Pure Data and quickly moved on to more advanced concepts and languages. For my final semester project this involved learning C++ to develop five spectral VST plug-ins. The helpful and creative environment that exists within the music department made it possible to gain the support and tuition required for such a project. Overall I would highly recommend this course to anybody interested in challenging themselves and in creating highly original pieces of sonic art.”

The music and software that Andy developed during his MA in Sonic Arts can be found on his website.

Ian Baxter

Baxter image“I studied on the MA in Sonic Arts part time between 2009 and 2011 and it helped me develop my practice in two ways. Perhaps most fundamentally, studying on the MA led to a big improvement in my technical skills. In fact a large part of why I enrolled on the MA was due to a certain frustration in being able to realise my ideas for works. The technical modules of the MA involved in-depth work in packages such as Pure Data and Csound and these were (and still are) a great help in allowing me to put my ideas in practice. Working within a community of other sonic artists the MA was a great opportunity to bounce ideas around and organise collaborative projects. Following the MA programme allowed me to develop several works in the context of producing a coherent body of work and I think it really upped my productivity and ability to be self-critical of the work I was producing.” 

The sound sculptures that Ian developed during his MA in Sonic Arts can be found on his website.

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